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iPad sign in

NoahFace runs on almost any Apple iPad. 

You don't need the latest model however you'll need to be running the latest version of iPadOS.

The iPad is perfect for NoahFace Visitor Registration and Time & Attendance solutions. It's super reliable with an excellent display and touch screen. The integrated front facing camera captures Visitor photos when they sign in and recognises them when they sign out or return in the future.

No specialised hardware needed to purchase and support when it comes to NoahFace.


Collect visitor details

NoahFace swiftly steps your visitor through the collection of their details including: Name, Company, Phone number, Photo.

These details are maintained securely in the Cloud, providing you with a comprehensive record of all visitors to your premises, should you need to contact them in the future.

Custom branding and colours

Ensure your visitor is greeted by an experience that represents your company. Pen and paper sign in won't impress and neither will a visitor registration system with the developer's branding through out.

With NoahFace you can customise the sign in screen with your company logo and set the colour scheme for all the visitor sign in steps.

Create screening questions

Your entry is your front line of defense against 

Create screening questions for your visitors to answer before they can be granted sign in. Help protect your staff and business from a potential health risk entering your premises. 

Instantly know if someone doesn't match the criteria required for entry.

Notify the host

Be instantly notified when your visitor arrives and signs in. 

Upon sign in, NoahFace can ask the visitor who they are here to see with a list of all employees or from a group of selected employees.

If you're the host, you'll then be emailed to let to let them know your visitor has arrived, signed in and accepted the conditions of entry. 


Capture visitor photos

Capture a photo of your visitor using the built-in camera on your iPad. During the sign in experience NoahFace will prompt your visitor to capture a photo. Your visitor can also check a box allow NoahFace to recognise them in the future using Facial Recognition.

Photos of each sign in event can be viewed from anywhere on a smartphone or desktop using the NoahFace web portal.

Facial recognition for returning visitors

Make the process as easy as possible for returning visitors. 

If your visitor checks the box to allow facial recognition, then Noahface will automatically recognise them when they return. Allowing for a very quick sign in experience.

They'll also be able to sign out faster with facial recognition.


Cloud based dashboard reporting

The NoahFace web dashboard can be accessed from any desktop or device with a web browser. 

From there you can configure your company settings, host employee list or view your visitor data including sign in photos from anywhere in the world.

The NoahFace platform


Amazing recognition rates. Continuous intelligent automated learning.

Lightning fast

Sub-second face matching drives efficiency and convenience.


Supports 1000s of users and access points.


Encryption keeps your data safe. Sophisticated liveness testing helps avoid fraud.


Operates 24 x 7 even with intermittent connectivity.


Configurable data storage, screens, registration processes, recognition, data entry, and more.


Cloud data storage enables browser based configuration and remote viewing of events.


The Apple iPad provides security, speed, familiarity, and an unrivalled camera and display.


All features included


Unlimited visitor registrations


Offline mode - visitors can still sign in

Onsite and offsite reports on the go

Printable visitor labels


Add your logo and company colour scheme

Easy to use online dashboard for reporting

Set rules for conditions of entry

Offline mode - visitors can still sign in

Create health & safety or Covid-19 prompts

Receive instant visitor sign-in notifications

Connect to NoahFace Time & Attendance

Connect to NoahFace Temperature Screening

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