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Includes :

Weekly Bells

School Lockdown

Interviews Mode


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Is your school lockdown ready?

The AutoBell programmer connect to your new or existing bell circuit and automates the ringing of your school bells

The AutoBell comes pre-programmed to your requirements so that physical installation by an electrician is all thats required. 

You can change your weekly or interview bell times by following the AutoBell user manual

Recommended by Harrison Tew consultants and used in over 300 schools across New Zealand


Normal Day when switched ON the bells will ring as per your standard day timetable 

Interviews when switched ON the bells will ring as per your Parent/Teacher interview timetable 

Lockdown In the event of a school lockdown situation this switch will be turned ON to activate the lockdown bell ringing pattern - ON for 3 seconds, OFF for 3 seconds. This will continue until the school lockdown is over and the switch is turned OFF 

Evacuation when switched ON the bells will ring continuously to signal the evacuation procedure

Ring Bell  push button used to manually ring the bells at any given time


Do you currently have an alert switch you can activate and then walk away from in the event of a School Lockdown? The AutoBell has you covered


Tired of manually ringing a bell every 15 minutes for your Parent/Teacher interviews? The AutoBell can automate interview evenings

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If your times ever need to be changed you can manually re-programme your AutoBell by following the instructions within the User Guide


The latest User Manual and Troubleshooting Guides can always be accessed and downloaded from our Support page


Technical Specifications

2 x programmable circuits

2 x 40  memory spaces

Weekly program

Parent / Teacher interview capability

Pulse operation 0-59 seconds

Customer programmable

3 year lithium battery reserve

Easy daylight savings adjustable

Need a bell for your AutoBell school programmer?

We have these options : ​


Underdome Bell 100dB

A louder underdome bell which is most popular for schools throughout New Zealand. They are weatherproof and continuously rated which is important for evacuation ringing.

Environment IP66  -30ºC to +50ºC
Continously Rated
SDL165 - 12V, 24V dc 98dBA
SD165 - 12V, 24V, 110V, 240Vac 100dBA

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