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Time Clocks

for time stamping the start and end of work shifts


TimeLAB SEK Time Clock

​An economical time recorder with two tone printing and the ability to ring a sounding device to signal break times


Amano BX-1600 Time Clock

The Amano BX-1600 is an economical top-loader with valuable features. Using standard 6-column format, it tracks regular, overtime, and exceptions.

The simple clean design is ideal for any small business environment.


Amano BX-6000 Time Clock

Fully electronic time recorder, lockable, strong synthetic covering, easy to use and program, compact construction. Optional with two-colour printing, ringing signal and automatic column shift.

Time Clocks for Job Costing

Allows you to stamp the date & time anywhere on the time card. 

Does not use a weekly time card


Amano PIX-200 Time Recorder

The PIX-200 is an all-in-one electronic time recorder and date stamp recorder. Great for use in applications including simple time and attendance tracking or task and job tracking