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The fast, accurate and affordable way to capture time & attendance


How it works

Time Capture


Fixed Workplaces

NoahFace runs on an iPad mounted at your point of entry or in a staff common area. Staff simply present themselves when they arrive at work, and again before they leave.

NoahFace compares their face with known faces using facial recognition technology. If there is a match, it proceeds to the clocking screen. There are three modes of operation as follows:

  • Manual Mode. Two separate Clock In and Clock Out buttons are displayed.

  • Auto Mode. Either a Clock In or a Clock Out button is displayed as appropriate (based on the last clocking action).

  • No Touch Mode. A clocking event is automatically recorded, without requiring any button presses.

The captured time records, including photographs, are stored securely in the Cloud, creating an indisputable audit trail and eliminating 'buddy clocking' and 'time fraud'. These records can be searched, reported on, and exported using a Web browser.
You can also add on our:

  • Temperature Screening solution, if you want to keep your workplace safe.

  • Mobile solution, if some of your staff work from home, on the road, or at small sites where a kiosk cannot be justified.


iPad Facial Recognition

Clocking Kiosk

For the
Mobile Workforce

The NoahFace Go mobile App provides a simple and intuitive user experience for mobile staff. The home screen clearly shows an employee's current work status (eg: Not Working, Working for 4 hours, On Break, etc), and provides them with simple actions based on this status (eg: Clock In, Change Task, Start Break, etc).

You choose the mode of operation that best suites your organisation's needs:

  • Clock In/Out. Employees clock in when they start work and clock out when they finish work. 

  • Task Tracking. Employees record when they start work on each individual task, and when they finish work for the day. Tasks are selected from a list.

  • Job Tracking. Employees record when they start and complete work on each individual job. Job numbers can be entered manually or scanned from a barcode.

Each of these modes is highly configurable - for example, you can change the button text to support your preferred terminology, and even allow staff to enter time manually if desired.


Clock in with any Android or iOS smartphone


Location Tracking

The NoahFace Go mobile App automatically captures geolocations, storing this information with each event.

You can pre-define the geolocation of each of your work sites, including a defined radius.

When staff clock in at a known work site, the project or cost centre can be automatically applied, simplifying the clocking process for staff and eliminating cost allocation errors.

You can also choose to enforce geofencing, so staff can only clock in and out while they are at your known work sites, eliminating time fraud.


How it works


User friendly dashboard

The NoahFace dashboard can be accessed from anywhere using your smartphone or any web browser. Access your staff timesheets, clocking events, total hours and on-site reports for evacuation roll calls or to simply to see who has or hasn't come in to work today.


press to zoom

press to zoom
Pay period totals
Pay period totals

press to zoom
Pay week totals
Pay week totals

press to zoom
Daily totals
Daily totals

press to zoom

Pay week reports

View pay totals on screen or export to a CSV file in weekly, fortnightly, monthly or custom date range pay cycle reports.

Show total hours for the pay week or show daily totals for each individual employee.

Onsite reports

On-site reports can be quickly generated from a smartphone when an evacuation is required. 

It also allows you to get a snap shot of any one on-site at the time or who has clocked out for the day. Also includes an off-site report to see who hasn't turned up to work today.

Onsite report
Onsite report

press to zoom
Onsite / offsite report
Onsite / offsite report

press to zoom

unpaid breaks

Auto-deduct un-paid breaks based on how many hours your employee has worked.

Or alternatively your staff can clock in and out for their un-paid break times using instant facial recognition.

The NoahFace platform


Amazing recognition rates. Continuous intelligent automated learning.

Lightning fast

Sub-second face matching drives efficiency and convenience.


Supports 1000s of users and access points.


Encryption keeps your data safe. Sophisticated liveness testing helps avoid fraud.


Operates 24 x 7 even with intermittent connectivity.


Configurable data storage, screens, registration processes, recognition, data entry, and more.


Cloud data storage enables browser based configuration and remote viewing of events.


The Apple iPad provides security, speed, familiarity, and an unrivalled camera and display.

NoahFace in the workplace

Across all devices.

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