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Orbis CTM Electronico Basico

Coin Timer


Electronic timer operated by tokens or coins


It has a one-digit display that counts up to nine tokens or coins


Timing end pre-warning one minute prior to actual timing completion via flashing display. 


  • Programmable timing 1 min. to 150 h. 

  • No additional timing nor end-of-timing relay.

  • End-of-timing warning by display.

Technical Specifications

Voltage rating 120 Va.c. or 230 Va.c. In damp locations, for example, at campsite showers etc, it is essential to use 24 V
Frequency rating 45-60 Hz
Breaking power 10 (4) at 250 Va.c.
Own consumption 5 VAPrecision± 0.2 %
Operating temperature - 20 ºC to +55 ºC
Timing programmable per token or coin - 

Max. 150 hours per token or coin

Min. 1 minute per token or coin
Protection type IP 20 in accordance with EN 60529
Standby memory in case of power failure : one year