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Your First Week

Let us guide you through your first pay week using NoahFace


Thanks for being patient through on-boarding.

We've configured your NoahFace account as per your requirements provided.

Use the guide below to familiarise yourself with NoahFace.

Confused at any time? No stress. You can see the full interactive guide here

Step One. Adding your staff

  1. Login to the NoahFace dashboard here

  2. Click on the Users tab and you'll see a list of all your staff members

  3. Click on the + Add User button

  4. Enter as a minimum, their First Name and Last Name. Press the Add button at the bottom

  5. Finally, you must add new staff to a Group

  6. Click on the Groups tab below Users. You will see a list of all your Groups

  7. Click on the Group you would like to add them too. The group will open up with a list of Users

  8. Press the red + Add Member button on the right

  9. Select the new employee to be added and then press Done

Step Two. Registering your staff

  1. On your iPad, ensure the NoahFace app is open and on the Welcome screen

  2. At the bottom of the screen, it should say Touch the screen to start

  3. Have your staff member stand in front of the camera ideally at arms length away

  4. They can then touch the screen anywhere to start

  5. They'll need to stay still while the green bar moves to 100% and NoahFace reads their face

  6. The Welcome screen will appear and they'll need to press Register

  7. Now they can select their name from the list. This will map their face to their name in NoahFace

  8. On the Consent screen they should read the privacy statement and press the Accept button to consent to biometric capture

Sorted, your staff member is now registered. They can now start clocking in and out.

Step Three. View clocking events

  1. Login to the NoahFace dashboard here

  2. Click on the Users tab and you'll see a list of all your staff members

  3. Click on the profile picture of a staff member

  4. This will open up their User Profile

  5. Scroll down to the bottom of their User Profile to see their Events

  6. You can scroll across to see all captured Clocking Events for that staff member

  7. When you click on a Clocking Event, a pop up will open with the Clocking details.

  8. From here you can Edit, Delete or Close the clocking event.

Step Four. Pay week reporting

  1. Login to the NoahFace dashboard here

  2. Click on the Reports tab and then click on red Access Summary box

  3. Select Pay Cycle

  4. Click on the Filter button

  5. Select the following filters: 

    1. Your pay cycle (weekly, fortnightly, monthly)

    2. To the right, select the final calendar day of the pay week you require

    3. Select Daily total hours or the Total hours for the pay week to be displayed/exported

    4. Apply any Rounding or Auto-Deduct Breaks if required

    5. Click the red Filter button

  6. Your Pay Cycle report will now be displayed on the screen with your applied filters.


From here you can click Export CSV file to download and open in Excel or import into your payroll software. By default, NoahFace has a data retention period of 90 days. We encourage you to export and save all your pay week CSV files to have a record of all clocking events older than 90 days.


If you're interested in extended NoahFace data storage, please contact noahface@timelab.co.nz

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